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Here at Tilden Wood Sinks we offer custom one-of-a-kind wood sinks. Not only are these sinks fully functional and utilitarian, they are luxurious pieces of art that are handcrafted from salvaged wood. We work with interior designers, architects, and home owners to pursue their dream sink in their bathroom or kitchen, foreseeing problems and adding input to design. Tilden Wood Sinks likes to focus on using some of the beautiful hardwoods found on the West Coast and incorporating natural features from the actual tree itself. A natural edge opening on the sink bowl, weathering or aging captured in a stable piece of wood, or just a cool knot or grain pattern incorporated in the shape, all add character to the finished piece. Most wood manufactures would consider these features a flaw in the wood, but we use them to our advantage.

Process and Production:

The production of these wood sinks starts with sourcing out usable material. We have close connections with arborist and saw mills which allows us to get to the logs at the raw stage and cut them the way we need to. All the sinks natural features and installation positioning is dependent on how the logs are cut. All the logs that we source are fallen or cut down trees from natural causes that would otherwise be processed into firewood.

After the sink blanks are cut and prepped they are then mounted on the wood lathe for turning. By turning these sink bowls we have control over the thickness of the sink, how we want to incorporate the natural features, the final shape and curvature of the bowl, and how the how the piece sits in its installed position. By hand turning these sinks, it gives the piece a hand crafted custom look that makes each piece one of a kind. All the production is under the supervision and guidance of professional wood turner Dan Tilden who has 15 years of experience turning on the wood lathe.



Finishing these sinks is a very important part of the process. First of all we need the wood sink bowl to be completely dry so the bowl doesn't move or warp after finish is applied. The drying process of the wood sink bowl takes months of air drying and often are put in the kiln to insure the wood is dry enough to apply finish. Once the wood is dry we sand to a fine grit and drill the sink hole so the finish seals the hole as well. After the hole is drilled the sinks are sprayed with our Water-Seal finish which is applied by a finish gun. We apply up to 10 coats of finish to insure the sink is safe from water damage, letting the finish cure properly in-between coats. We fully test our sinks to insure they are waterproof before shipping. As long as the sinks aren't damaged and nothing is dropped on them to dent the finish, they should stay waterproof and looking good as new for a life time!

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